$895 USD $15 Shipping and Handling in USA The world’s lightest and finest quality stock for the M1A/M14 rifle: This is the first, and only, M1A/M14 Stock made from 100% carbon fiber. Rich McCann hit another one out of the ball park with this Ultra Light Weight and Hi-Tech masterpiece. This stock is not chopped matting blown from a gun and not a blend of fiberglass and carbon; it is 100% carbon fiber and resin. A shooter’s comfort is of utmost importance. A comfortable shooter suffers less fatigue and this will translate into more consistent accuracy after long periods of time in the field.  Stocks made of aluminum and steel have a great deal more mass than light-weight carbon fiber. Our stock has such low mass that it retains almost no heat or cold. Whether you’re on patrol or on sentry duty, an aluminum or steel stock will either cook you or suck up your body heat. With carbon fiber you will have between two and four pounds less metal in your hands. In hot weather your whole body will stay cooler. When it's cold, your rifle won't bleed your body heat from you. Manufacturers of metallic stocks fail to mention that aluminum expands FIVES TIMES more in all directions than carbon fiber. Thermally speaking, carbon fiber is dead, especially when compared to aluminum, and is much more similar to steel in elongation and expansion. There are so many reasons for owning a McCann Industries Carbon fiber stock it's tough to pick the most important. Here are just a few: -the stock is Inline night vision optic ready -it’s compatible to most AR-15 after market accessories, including pistol grips and butt stocks -the stock maintains a free floating barrel -Increased Rigidity over original wood or other materials -excellent thermal qualities; it cools quickly and doesn’t absorb body heat -reduces the overall weight of your weapon (weighs only 24 ounces) -it is the lightest M1A/M14 stock in the world -accepts most SOPMOD accessories -designed for accuracy by shooters who take accuracy seriously -available with, or without, accessory rails -perfect for use by Snipers, yet light enough to serve as a Battle Rifle or Carbine -an ideal balance of price, performance, and weight -100% AMERICAN MADE You will normally carry your rifle for hours at a time before you might actually need it. Every two pounds taken from the rifle will let you carry thirty five extra rounds of ammo. More ammo is always a good thing! This stock will shave at least two pounds off your weapon. If you belong to a platoon sized element of 32 personnel, this could mean carrying an additional 1,120 rounds with no weight penalty. This makes for serious added firepower! Might come in handy. We make use of only four ingredients to make this stock: o Carbon fiber o Resin o Hardened 7075 T6511 aluminum o And a burning desire to build the most comfortable, lightweight, strong and user friendly M1A/M14 chassis in the world.     Note; No gunsmithing is required to install your rifle in this stock. HOWEVER; an M1A or M14 with a rear lug will not fit into the stock. All Springfield Armory rifles will fit, but there are some brands with rear lugs. If in question, please call and talk to us before ordering. See the Video The Carbon Fiber Stocks have been seriously back-ordered, but are back into full production as of June 2011. To get in line for one of these stocks, simply call us and leave your full contact information. We will not ask for your payment information until your stock is ready to ship.